It’s been a long road

there to here

moments so alone

I could choke

on the long string of knots

along the throat

No air


Remember to breathe

when the strain is maxed

legs thrown back

take away my breath

they also stretch the neck

Negatives and positives

keep the mind agile

in a game of life’s attacks

time ticks the death toll

Snap, crack, roll

Hold back and let go

Waves and tides

rise and fall

you don’t see

the tsunami coming

Burn the flames

of our small candle

let the great vast open

swallow up the night

the sun will burnout every trace

darkness will hide under rocks

creeping away quietly

under every blade of grass

as to not get caught

The more cryptic I get

the more it meant

the harder it is

to shake away

the feeling of being bent

stripped bare

with nothing left

but the raw motion


with religious discipline

to die again and again

with every intent

as the wick shortens

to face the cold

growing closer

a soft breath

against my flame

my candle strains for

for just a few moments longer

only ro reach

the end of the line

no matter the intent

the burnout with a faint

thread of smoke to remember

the light by