Ordinary hues

I’m a girl on the run
weeping at 3AM
in the bathroom
bleeding from cuts too young
trying to warm up
beneath the heatless sun
of a flickering bulb

I walk with monsters
camouflaged in scars
afraid of the dark
the first thing I learned
was to contain
the suspense
of the unknown
that made the question
burn to the touch
to need so much
drove me to search
water in the desert
to poke every hole
of perception

Pain and pleasure lack intrinsic form
they take the perfect shape
of anything
you want
the smell taste sound sight feel
space they fill
memory stored
in muscle thought emotion
a thread of continuity
an encoded lifelong fog
conditioned ideas
lubricated in belief
unquestioned and undetected
the thorns prick beneath
as songs wakes up
the aromatic essence
of a moment frozen whole
traveling back in time
to visit again
a golden age once alive
now in an amber cage

Part woman part machine
reprogrammed carefully
changing circuits
to experience the same
a different way
nothing is original
yet it’s always new
hard as it seems
the constant discipline
of being you
to live in the dull
ordinary hues
of the mundane
reveals the magic
closed to superficial views
the secret mysteries
open up only stepping through
the simplicity
of living your truth