The seeming

who is this trapped
behind the glass
trying to get past
an invisible wall
of pride
who is this who sees
through these eyes
casting my hooked appetite
thoughts caught
with a visual net
that keeps the construct
of sight and insight
in a desperate tango
dancing in between
life and death
this impossible
of breath

who is this feeling
an illusion of pain fleeting
the seeming
stitched together senses
come awake
patchwork perception
is a window pane
that keeps the fly
from the open sky
all suffering is a self-made
enclosure jointed together
by needs stretching out
with the greed of wants
countless nameless
a one size fits all ignorance

i’ve jailed the mind
in a false awareness
i’ve inbred it crazy and vicious
in the pit of prejudice
who is this discontent
that speaks with my lips
and demands you
open my lock on a cage
of flesh and blood
always craving
from the abyss
from beneath the looking glass

staring upward reaching
for the infinite blue
you touch me
from the other side
of the surface
of a waking dream
a mirror house
that makes you wonder
what is real
what makes you other
than me?

i enter you
when i surrender
laughter breaks the spell
the pieces shatter
and melt like snowfall
into water that like truth
that takes the shape
of what it fills
but remains unchanged
no matter what held it
i am only a vessel

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