Magic is the stuff that lets you
take the ordinary
and turn shit to fairy dust
the tangled gestating forms
an exciting movement opening
in the blood that flows
through your heart
Alchemy’s recipe of giving
distills the elixir from lust
popping to the beat
of your drum
my cherry plucked

you are the wellspring of love
my profound reflection
as above so below
the rippling consciousness
in the fountain of Everyday
upon which I gaze and there it is
in these insignificant expressions
I call poems
a refined pouring of coarser
impulses that pull me through
this seventh house of mirrors
and rouse my Sight to go beyond
the limits of feeling’s course
to stay with the discomfort
a little longer than I did before
being penetrated
beyond the naked
with mastered finesse
displayed vulnerability

all wondrous workings
bend and plead the needs
of the Many
to the skill of those
Few paying
the full course of suffering
the curriculum for awakening
learning to be OK
with sucking
while not letting it
stop the dreams
that motivate to achieve
a greater yet state of openness
growing kindness

you the softest of all my spots
vanish and appear
like a sliver of rocks
that submerge or emerge
in the tides’ flow give and take
even those who are advanced navigators
always learn that their simplest mistakes
point back to the needle on compass
towards their grave, the True North

who is this myth of Me
whether masters or slaves
human breath intakes
and exhales the same
and everyone’s heart
is born with counted beats
tic-toc this thought is all
but a bird’s trail
flying in the sky
illusory though real
can you see where it
just had been?
you blinked and missed it
what’s left behind but thin air
to show the imprint that isn’t there
and all the tracks of your emotions
are just in your memories
because facts take on the cast
of the contexts that framed them
and to fixate on what moves inevitably
is mad
when its nature is to change
is like scooping out the seas
with a little bucket of Me

walled up Egos protect the
Sensitivity of the
castle’s Little King
who only want the hugs
when life pulls out the rug
from under his feet
Ruler in the skin of a child
who only wants to feel safe

if you only saw how I see
your vulnerability
you would never be afraid
of me
to croon and cradle
away the hostilities of clinging
there are no minions to defeat
nothing to be rid of
all minds suffer
hope and fear
until they are free

there’s nothing to eradicate
only love transmutes all impurities
I make myself the prime
cut of meat on the altar
and offer myself up
to nourish the Third
eye of strength
a lotus is born
pure stillness
in the core of the storm
all chaos transforms
when stillness orders it
invoking tu bruja
the bulls summoned come up against
the edges of awareness
realizing there is no object
but the one imputed
the Paradox
like you in me
or me in you
always the purest union
the distilled essence
of my intentions
draped across your brow
I could kiss
and hold against my breast
riding this out
at the base of my breath

I take the memory of scent
to reflect on the primal vent
of masculine and feminine
seemingly two parts
but blood flows whole indistinct
of divisions
so I find the lines and spin light
around those who most feel lonely
and separated from their
tender heart
I am the Magus
on my knees always
paying your beauty tribute with offerings
my fealty is not bought or sold
for things or needs borne of greed
Truth’s fees are not paid in gold
but in the fearlessness that grows
out of being bold and daring
and going there

today I walked on the shore
and gold dust flecked the sand
millions of specks that gave
a vast feeling of
shapes in the sand
etched tattoos of
how many times have I tried to
grasp outside myself
the millions of bits swirling around
it’s how long it took me
to find the perfect moment
of walking among the day’s stars
a sparkle of movement
my eye catching
in the water tumbling
a footprint shaped black stone
walking with me
to this incredible melody
I sing your praise
and raise up my struggle
and drop it at your feet
we don’t have to do this
we don’t have to trick ourselves
to feel the touch
Happiness is ours right now
if only we risked it
if you were a religion
I’d be your High Priestess