stirred by the breezy whispers
of a question blown on the wind
why did you run
the breath gently parting
the leaves of her once hair
where once life coursed
with a virgin lust through
veins and flesh and cupid
shot his arrows
love through his heart
he, the god of sun
bristled down bare and bucking
his lust unbridled
he sought to hold and pin
a namesake that flows
through this being
she cried out no
in fear and fled
leaving behind
her huntress bow
she saw red
thanatos in her blood
he reached demanding of
her essence as if he knew
what it was like
to not be free
as he grasps her hair
she spasms ruthlessly
he discovers to name
his love took her innocence
he witnessed her change
from life to living death of
she escaped
elusive and mysterious
unable to express
tried to capture
her ineffable sublime
but wild like the shine
that glistens in your eyes
the question rings harsh
and unexpected
why did you run?
she mourns tenderly
the loss to ignorance
she died untouched
yet transformed to
give birth and life
weeping her roots
into life’s stream
shedding her virginity
in suffering’s excision
of her femininity
a circumcision of her
very ability
to ever feel the pleasure
of touch again
none could claim
the legacy dedicated
to her life committed
she became firmly planted
and stuck is not
the same as choiceless
her bark is her armor
made of passing memory
she knows this life’s a dream
her expectations and resentments
were real yet imaginary
strength is not in the keepers’ keys
her misty notions vanishing
as time’s clock put a lock on
the recognitions in her sight
she transformed tragedy
change is letting go and
finding it wasn’t so bad
why did it feel so threatening
so much worse from the
sleeping side of life?
had I known this love of adventure
for awakening and thriving on healing
I want you to open you spontaneously
the delicate folds of your dreaming
I will love you till you
yield to me and then beyond
it is my nature to fluidly
surrender to your most tender
without asking
without parting
without anything more
than this promise
I will never give up
with you in me
my love always
venus cups her womb for you
life springs from death
you are my beautiful phoenix
crossing the seventh house
your chariot under my feet
you are the fertile soil
for my emotions
your wealth nourishes me
rich with all your imperfect
the immediacy of desire
has a way of putting me
in touch with what matters
together means never far
no matter how it resolves
juicy compressions
nothing is missing
hungry or satisfied states
are complete
yet resolution of alchemy
comes through the marrying
of binding principles releasing
the essence like the flower opens
and you give me these daily
vitamins of sustenance
like minerals are expressions
of the earth’s longing
like Daphne’s run from life
and in death finding
the source of all mind

-arya sunyata