I live in a screen sized bubble
connected to the globe
it’s not yet free
it just seems it
and the monsters
are one tweet away
and the thieves
bought the ads to sway
the masses into believing
whats free is good
when they’re milking
benefits they reap
from the mindshare

it’s a cancer that’s spreading
when I naively invited in
the vampires in blue
social networks masked as utility
designed to increase
my fear and need to be seen
and buy into the scheme
of all the stuff
they need me to buy

it’s hard for me to conceive
how we live so connected
and let these models
of corrupt ethics
total lack of transparency
hidden terms
in the services
as digital governments
when we could be openly
transacting honestly
with 100% transparency
instead of using this very
tool to suppress awareness

we’re facing a shitload
of trouble dying oceans
and it’s time to fix the problems
in this collapsing house
builting on a leaking boat
death facing me down
as I watch yet another
species of insects
I once knew in my own life
disappear because all the links
to sustain its life
got chopped off

my gut churns I watch my son
play with his friends at a party
I feel a heavy moment as I see
the composition of his environment
the world he’s growing in is
what’s found in all places
from cleaning products
personal products
housing environment
air quality
to food and drink
sugar added to everything
so many factors
beyond my control
it makes my head spin

so many of his pals with some
form of attention problem
the direct effect
of how removed
their lives are
from natural sources
everything they come in touch with
is chemically processed

in some form
I remember as a child
climbing fig trees
and eating figs
without pesticides
and now I’m afraid
to not know the origin
of what goes on the table

the abuse of powerful companies
groups of humans who consent
to prey on other humans
even their own selves
at what cost?