We need the people we care about
because facing the dark
is tough
there’s a chilling in the bones
pulse-quickening fear
trickles down the spine
the uneasy swallow
bracing against
what will come next

when feelings get hurt
it’s the parting of the skin
of the comfort craved
receiving what we didn’t want
not attaining what we want
learning to be patient
the taming discipline
of love
the fracture that opens
up the goodness within
it never comes
without the loss
of one’s notions
the strangeness lets in
a non-linear relationship
between the need
and the want

the body is a regular vehicle
that generates these thoughts
if hungry I think of food
it’s a locking mechanism
of movement
to survive the long fight
of keeping the balance
before the final stroke
chops the block
and the corpse of information
gives rise to understanding
the natural categorization
knowledge captured and shown

habits make tastes
tastes form choice patterns
patterns form the way
we think
once hacked
it’s exploited to death
tired and wasted
hung over the day after
the narcissism binge
Dear social media, at some point
reality sets in and we can’t fix
the cracks we made
delicate fragility of balance
large ecosystems humming in tune
all reduced down to building blocks
chains of molecules
people cities countries
a lack of balance can be measured
unless observed
by the way we act
when we think it doesn’t matter
a machine can manipulate
without an observer
the human mind
alpha, beta, delta theta waves
and more
the symphony in concert
quantum frame of all we don’t know

How you think is how you live
by how you steer
the helm of your ship
in your life’s path
and the trail in your wake
will dictate the terms and conditions
of your deal with life
how you choose to live
will come to collect
the cage of choices compounded
sequenced prisons
breaking themselves
with superimposition
collapsing structures
onto themselves
the things I didn’t listen to
the feelings I nurtured and fed
what I ignored
to my detriment or to my benefit
sometimes complex shades
of both

and I’m all banged up
and I rode this horse hard
demanded it keep up
with the size of my hopes
when the elements that hold
any situation fall apart
there is a coming undone
of balance
thrown into chaos
the fissure parts the form
new consequences give birth
happenings unseen
from our cells to our planet
both we call home
learn to be kinder
consider the struggle of the other
then relate
the balance of another being’s dimension
is a fragile thing
the crack in everything
shapes a worldwide net
of possibility
just as I could choose kindness
I could choose hate

Undo all the barriers of prejudice
and think beyond the bubble of me
I resist every step of the way
but when I spread my wings
boy aren’t they pretty
that chrysalis was a bitch
but alas I can fly

even if it flows through nooks
crannies and hair line fissures
dead ends backtracking
eventually it exhausts it’s course
the trick is keeping the discipline
to stay in deep attention to all things
happening within my reach

Programming ethical kindness
all around me
happiness is the byproduct
of a clean conscience
diagnostics complete
I sigh with relief
and unwind