We are finite creatures
with flesh held together
bones and weight
percentages of liquid
the density of self-importance
is made matter
when you can detect
the source of the mistakes
a misunderstanding
confusing a reflection
your own
for someone else
you believe the appearance
for being real
for a moment or two
but the water ripples
when you get too close
touch or breath
all you thought
rendered transparent
before you eyes
how little it is
that you’ve digested
seeing the magnitude
that terrifies you
cut to the measures
of your irregular tempos
you’re a sequence
of natural rhythms
successfully completing
into the very aging
the dread of death
and a whole world goes on
as if life were composed
of infinite resources
while the destruction
of delicate balances
never before so disrupted
dishonored blatantly
and modern day culture
has the generation
waking up
with a hangover
on the dopamine aftermath
of social media
spirit fatigue
from so much meddling
bots trolls ads
the sobering truths of child
struggling with attention
synapses starved of nutrients
from the fake food
the results of a mass produced
food industry are painfully
starting to break through
with the kids
yet no matter how conscious
I try to be
I am complice
guilty of ignorance
known for the heights
of my desire
disciplined in work

I am trying to listen
more to the finite rhythms
of my body’s dimension
feel out and get to know
intimately the sum result
of all my decisions
in this now shape of me
that keeps shifting
but the pattern always emerges
lifelong practice to
trace down the very discomforts
aches and pains
of everchanging states
the suffering of suffering

yet I am rich just for being alive
in these precious fragile
balances that flow and align
so the blood pumps thru
completion every time
that nerves are controlled
on command
I breathe one two three four
and stretch out the tension
welcoming the stress needed
to destress
movement in stillness
the inner thread
of pure light
carried on in a heartbeat