Like rush of air
time ravages everyrhing
the wave that roars
at hurricane speed
it’s letting the riptide of life
tear you to shreds
the losses the loves the feels
all dragging me through
the wipeouts of my passions

Only to realize there is nothing to break
yet I go on, life goes on
there was never a choice
bitter and sweet
across the full gamut
of colors

Living is the business of the brave
it’s not fearing the inevitable
coming apart of my elements
death is an atrociously undignified
process that mercilessly breaks
down what started so innocently
a newborn morning rise
my discovery as a child
fraught with pain and fear
the wonder I didn’t know to
value so preciously
then it all broke
a few times over
burning the midnight oil
doing what I love
and practicing
what’s not as easy
myself to longer
and smell the roses

Now the smiles creep through
the cracks
the goodness pours through
where floes blocked
the flow
I kept chasing myself
to stay still for five minutes
even two will do
the frustration ensues
the length of my patience
is ant-sized
in the face of systems beyond
the scope of my existence
I don’t know if I’ll ever learn
by logic at some point I must
so I just keep going
and just stick with it
rider and horse synchronize
a daily wheelin’ and dealing
I’ve promised I will find myself
somewhere at the end of a rainbow
body of light

But how long does it take
to crawl down every inch
of the diversity of dimensions
in being human
desiring, taking
fearing, losing
the four pillars
always a balancing act
to integrate
movement into space

Now I know
what can’t break
and there is nothing
to be afraid of facing
the depth of the ocean’s
innermost mind

I laugh
eyes closed
warm sun
my senses
the texture of the feeling
elates me
for a few minutes
of no thinking

with no doubt
or care of an end
feeling full
carrying the now
the only gem
worth carrying