That sudden feeling
that you know
this smile on this face
familiar but not safe
you know this one
you see before you is wild
suddenly self-conscious you are taken

and to think you even thought
for a juicy moment dripping in judgment
that she’d been staring shamelessly
at you this whole time
not because you’re good-looking
but because you taste good
all disciplined and sexy

You were just seeing yourself
through your own eyes
thinking you were her

She doesn’t ask permission
to approach you
on the side
you realize this is nice
because you start to mix
with what you touch
and she feels so smart
like a bed you could curl in
that asks for nothing back

the company is nice
and you don’t need more
and even if it’s just you
having a conversation with you
at the sight of yourself
in a mirror
it’s knowing and honoring that
the day to day
quality of my days