There’s a level of fear
so basic
it doesn’t feel like anything
until it’s gone
like a mist lifted
and nothing is different
suddenly it’s just clear
in a flash it just changes
the switch is so splittingly fast
I just accept it
the way a horse is steered
by a skilled rider
cutting the will
from his willful mount
not here, go there
pushing and pulling
the reins of my emotions
I explode in small eruptions
of irate rejection
ego bruises and scratches
in his mental Jiu-Jitsu

his choice is not what
I had in mind
not that it’s bad
it’s beyond my control
but my choice lies
in participation
if I show I can handle
rough terrain
he can ride deeper
I can take him further
than he ever thought
closer in the water
still apart
pop fantasy love
bright colored art
my mermaid
his trident chases
lovestruck and blind
but I know something of
the bearer of weight
being the one
who steers fate
so the small jockey
has to be light
airlike and agile
to give the mount
perfect direction
an art and a skill
surfing the language between
their science of instruction exchange
when to push when to stop
the communication between
mount and rider
whatever creatures
they may be
as fine as they are
they follow the laws
nature’s effect borne of cause

the bird trembles chirping
boldly, sharply against
the vast sky
and defends his lair
with delicate strength
at night’s feet

All darkness will swallow all light

all life desires
not to die
its nature is to birth
itself forth
and live for as long
as it can
in its habitat