somewhere in a corner
I keep your name unspoken
to keep you unreal
my personal ghost
a creator guardian
a silent reflection

somewhere in a corner
you burned through me
all the way
when our eyes touched
our core spasmed open
lights and rays
I remembered
fights and lays
we never had
I wanted to slap that smug
grin off your face
and taste the blood in your mouth
then kiss our north pole
and let you go again

somewhere in a corner
it all came upon me
so suddenly
they say it’s like
you’re hit by a truck
and your voice transports
me back to a sigh
between the sheets and your arms
softly wanting
sweetly mixing essences

somewhere in a corner
you don’t see me beyond
what meets the eye
but you feel me
down to your bones
sinking your teeth in
the satisfying bite
that holds on

somewhere in a corner
my pen writes
the notes in the pages of your dreams
kisses held in
it’s not that you don’t want me
pressed against your skin
it’s that I want you too much
how it makes me reel so hard
I’m nearly sick when I hear
how your voice speaks
volumes in the way my name spills
off your lips
sweet sugar cane
freshly squeezed into my day
I want you to father my creations
our babies of art
fight and break-up
with so much passion
that what’s left
a lasting mark
of you in me in you