sight is sharper than taste
crisper in focus
yet it satisfies
what the eye cannot
tied right into that thing
in me
that does the analysis
of my day-to-day

I live in states of transition
from then to now and through
a complete unknown filled
with my conjectures
that served to answer all the questions
I had
about meanings of life
so I know through the projections
not to believe the tale
of my intuition
rather I just follow the silence
that calls out the gamut of feelings
from gritty to smooth
the texture of my experiences
create memories that are
no more than impressions
of interpretations I made back then
just because it happened
doesn’t make it the most optimal choice
it just means I knew nothing more
than how to choose the way I did
and sometimes that price is steep
paid in blood
one’s own or someone else’s
it’s give and take
duality and here I am again
writing you love poetry
dressed up
in existential argumenting
and you like all the twists
and turns
you missed
seen through reading
the exposed discomfort
of a stranger’s pain
in words
painted your own
this is what I give you
a short way to be contained
in all your necessary
madness composed of fear and hope
with an intricate net
shaped to your wants
decisions and habits compound
into an invisible cage
in which you suffer yet
the transparency always allows you
to judge the world around you
as if it was real
an interpretation that makes sense
to you in your story of the world
the right and wrong you can run to
even feel a sense of escape
when judging your idea of me
through your reactions to your values
your ideas with myt face pinned to them
you call it reality
and I can always feel this process
and I always face the choice to let it go
or hold on to my illusions
because I also get that no matter
how hard you try
to connect
the only connection
that’s true
is the non-dual nature
of your own mind
and learning to connect
is really just allowing yourself
to be humbly taught
by things you wouldn’t have thought
could teach you
because you thought so much
you lost touch with the present moment
and when you think
you slow down
and when you slow down you die
but you know that it was always going
that way only
so put into the correct perspective
small things have big meanings
and big things arent what we thought
they would be

what is she doing?

dance with me one tango
down the sharp throes of this song
my tone is playful and edgy
it’s how I like
without rewind
what can I say
I’m a dangerous kind of gal