he grabs to pull down
twist and turn
down we go
on the ground
the chess game begins
to rob me of space
for me to control my place
a struggle shaped embrace
the dancing sparkle
of a “what-if”
in his eyes
hooks into my skin
desire induces wounds
like bruises all over
after a good roll
working it out
tumbling in the imagination
spread out as a mat
our defiance to submission
intimate warfare
playing out every trick
in the book
I feel trapped
so close in
he takes my breath away
he consumes me
so hard I cramp
while I can’t leave
I also don’t want to
I soak him up
my roots to my leaves
I need the secret savagery
of his wrapping method
precisely refined
calculating down
the texture of his web
that cradles me to him
scorpion heart raising a stinger
he strikes unseen
I am the open sea
he fills himself up with
my one and only
worthy adversary
I tell myself I can go
anytime I want to
I don’t need this
or him
I just like it too much
meeting with the innermost
uncomfortably present
but deliciously effortless
the weightlessness
of never making a choice
neither rejecting or accepting
always in a state of possibility
the wound is where the light
gets in
here I go rolling it out
on the mat
working out the kinks

I crave the warmth of this flame
something between love and hate
coherent and steady entangled
where ours fingertips touch
against a rough grip
that wants too much
taped for submissions hold
touch and strength
I slide invisibly
in between
our dreams crossing each other
like ships in the night
missing the timing
all our aspects softened
by explosive intensity
I can’t get it
out of my mind
everytime I see the shine
in your eyes framed in a smile
sly and trained
caught in your game
say my name
I play it down
nothing is the same
once the bell rings
then I’ll disappear
then I’ll come around
you’ll want it closer
you and me
seeing the dream in real time
my stake in the game
is your respect