I can barely look at you
without feeling the burn
how much we loved
one another
in another time another place

there’s nothing safe
in this tendril of tenderness
the threads inside me played
I’m strings in your hands
tapping me out with a solo
that weeps opportunities lost
times missed and so much fire
that could burn passion bright
seductively calling my name

Sparkles in your eyes speak softly
of the times you’ve dreamt of me
but now can’t remember
you see me without recognition
a face in the crowd
you don’t know I was the love of your life
and while I want to show you
so many things
It cannot be
knowing the nature of mind
always hunting the spaces
in words to bridge this ever distant
gap between our shores
I surrender every bit of desire
to a liberation dressed in love
I give you away everyday
to your happiness and peace
as I disappear in the background
as a soft soundtrack that accompanies
your freedom
when I look at you I trip up
on the knot that still chokes me
like a deadly triangle
delicious poison
the full stop chafes as I remember
the conditions we are in

everyday I’m learning how to look ahead
away from things past
I’m learning again how nothing lasts
and yet it’s never lost
every bit of kindness makes you softer
I watch you flow with fierce beauty
it is mine to witness
the sunrise belongs to the eyes
that bond their love to
its ephimeral incandescence
even as we walk apart
I know the silent secret
as lovers don’t find each other
they discover the other
within themselves
you were in me all along