broken toes are an art
like getting adjusted
to the heart’s tearing apart
blending tears and woes
smashing your nose
against the grain
of being alone
a lost trade
the tools set down
when I forgot
to say your name
i loved you and played
the only move
I had
I got nothing else
that was it
and still is
this long continued
in the end
never ended
just a twirl of mind
a movement so elegant
a love of kinesthetic
made flesh
didn’t see what had happened
only felt it
the stab of heartbreak
expressed in the flow
crushing knuckle bones
training between the song
and the ground
is a practice
of giving your best
failing the test
of transcending the states
of elation and pain
and getting up again
impervious to yesterday
determination drives
me to believe
I distill the elixir
an essence to spin
the daily labor of vision
lascivious and seductive
is part of my gaze
why are you where you are
because you’ve been who you’ve been
if I never invested in anything more
than a great set of tits
would i burn this deep
both ends puking
sick with a seed
implanted in me
and then you skated right away
ignorant the fool
I bend and sway
the story goes on
not unique
it comes and it fades
as many ways as
I could nail
this spitting love
against you
and there you go
staring at she
who makes grace her stage
against the black
of your awareness
you let slip past
in the dark the art was lost
hooked through the marketing scheme
on your pretty face
like pearls to swine