The opening starts

face to face
you say yours

I say mine

yet there is no one

to talk to

independent dimensions meeting

trying to connect

we open our mouths

sounds emerge

activate images feelings

yet no one is listening

beyond the sound of their own voice

whispering fears

offending sensibilities

sparking laughter

I struggle to find a reason

to speak

in the politic of personal agenda

that wouldn’t add to the hypocrisy

I stick to the facts

hoping something that is heard

may actually be useful

the odds are like trying to impregnate

one in millions

and all the failed attempts

return like criticisms

projected from the many selves

finding fault in “other”

the meaning lost in translation

listen and silent are the same word


true communication comes from clarity

not the elaborate use of language

might that be a clue

the elephant in the room

points and laughs