Being alone
used to scare me
to feel the vast dark
press against my smallness
and snuff out my light
until it passed
time and time again
and I still am
stripping off my skin
one moment at a time
that slides deep
into the next instant
my rivers of choices
running through the landscapes
seen from my mental sky
in dark or light
channel my vision
with owl sight
I see the transparence
of water running free
following gravity
harmonizing to its rock

Water always rises above
when pressed below
changeable but indestructible
driving life itself
penetrating and gentle
death is inevitable
you can’t leave the darkness
you are the light
of being itself
the rest are bad dreams
baby don’t panic
relax in the stream
this could get bumpy
hang on and let it all go
relatively speaking
they’re birds in the sky
phenomena of the relative nature
of all things I’d croon you to sleep
under a full moon tide
and sing you a lullaby
it’s all just being
alive in this world
no one promised
it would be easy
so hush, little baby
if you need to just cry
mommy is here
in your woman heartbeat
let your joy blossom
one petal at a time
it’s not a gradual path
when the seed sprouts
it gives birth to its tree
the bigger the conflict
the deeper I go
growing roots in space
cutting through the earth

You are wild
fiercely beautiful
catching the tiger’s tail
if you have it, don’t let go
the price of life
is that it ends
hold onto just being
stay tuned to your breath
share this flame with me
be with me through this pain
it’s gone on for years
maybe lives before
it feels like it’s been so long
the fear is fading
the further we go
it makes me wonder
why I used to be so afraid
of sitting with silence
being alone made my mortality
so sharp yet it always was
built into me
so I ease into the practice
of not looking away
and in some perfect moment
it will all entwine
and this seed will crack
the old form lets go
but you know this path
you just forgot to breathe in
breathe out
it’s a flow
don’t be afraid
if we play it right
we grow old
love is our fire