I tried to compose you a song
but you cut in too deep
the words just stopped
when the passion washed in

I tried to write you a poem
but your language was tricky
a foreign landscape
the flow just trickled through
and spread over the rocks
nothing happened at first
as it softened the earth

Deep in mud
there waits a bud
ready to burst
blossom out a flowering wisdom
and open truth’s perfume

Channeling you
is swallowing mountains
you get to me
like every cliché
hair thrown
like morning sex
to the wind dancing
the sway of your hips
a feminine curve
you loathe so well
mirrored mine
that awkwardness inside
tender nervous laughs

You can’t see yourself
the way a butterly is blind
her wings’ beauty shines
hunted and desired
by the finest seekers

I tried for what I lack
then called it quits
I can only be what I am
to breathe you in
the way I understand
your complex taste
that reads like a recipe
simple words
rich hugs
smokey eyes
wood burning
humid play
earthy moss
thick mud
pure diamond
smiling light
wet morning dew
sweet sight
filling beauty
phoenix blood

There are so many ways
I could describe and name
your facets
caught in my fancy web
of lines in a crafted song
an amber trap
to cage
what about you
eludes me most
aware all along
the elegant ruse would remain
a way to evade
the simple truth
it would hurt to lose you

nothing would be the same
experience would change
memories fade too
yet you’ll be there
like a scent carried
a small treasure inside me
marking a path ahead

and then the fear creeps in
if that’s all you’ll ever be
an instant and a memory
this nagging hunger haunts me
an implanted bug in my chip
it’s a love-fear thing
a push pull
renders my shell asunder
and I feel life slipping
out of my control
without this I’d be stranded
my need is so great
it’s tempered my hope
I don’t expect much
from anyone

May the loss give what it takes
may the price liberate
if to be with you strips down
the layers of who I’ve been
I choose to transform
return time and again
to drink from your cup