the wind moves through you
yet around the curve of your perfect pearl
round and round you spin me free
taking out my breath
when you shift moods
I hang in suspense
like fixed air in your luminescence
with nimble fingers I open
your smooth beauty
eagerly on the edge
of seeing
what’s next

there is no us
looking in
from the outside
yet you shake and rumble
deep within my gut
the part that always knows
even though my throat
knots up in kinks
when you smile
while it melts the lines
that separate our skins

tell me more, tell me all the secrets
I’ll keep

you make me so nervous
I don’t know how to be
but with this naked feeling
as the waves come in
all shades of you
emerald morning dew
settling into my desert oasis
we glisten in this bubble
bittersweet ending beginning
in our garden of pearls
strung across the space
hanging perfectly
in the folds in between
you and me
saying all the things
we can’t explain

from inside this looking glass
the insecurities entwine with laughter
vulnerable moist intimacy
all the things I can’t swallow
straddling my lips
your warmth eases me
through rough textures
in the words’ storm

until the sky cracks and spills truth
spreads all over us slick like butter
we’re puppets on strings
dancing to songs that sing
miles away from a finger’s touch

lift me up
swing me down
you’re a wild thing
I don’t want to own
just croon me in your lullaby
where the sun won’t rise
for at least 20 hours or more
rock me gently, take me home