I am a pile of defects
always trying to sort themselves out
kinks in a net
all knotted up
wrapped around a rusty anchor

I am a pile of defects
an idiosyncratic night road
I walk to the light
waking to a moan rolling over
in the morning
then I absorb you like a smell
breathe you in like a prayer

after all these years of memories
fragments still penetrate like splinters
in my sense of your presence
so hard to let it go
even when there’s nothing there left
for us
to hold
my eyes are black holes
drinking in the world
swallowing deep
to feed my soul
I need strength to be alone

You churn in my gut
I can’t let go
or get enough
I want to swallow this knot
in my throat
and get it down
or spit it up
and get it out
stuck like this I’m a storm with a skin
a twirling bottle caught in between
the spill and the spin