I’m detoxing the American dream
seriously a six dollar coffee has done me in
does that come with a Happy Ending?
for that much
every bit of star-spangled
infected my every wound with additives
I can barely pronounce
fast drawn pills with quick response cards
you can put it on credit hope to pay it
there’s always something to explain and fix it
with never-ending reasons
ducking beneath the irreversible
here comes rock bottom

yet no matter how big its cry
a child still has small bones
the need continues to grow so long
as you stall your passage
into maturely whole individuals
who have a deeper vision of the world
that transcends the crude expression
of human will to power
dedicated to the expression of art and beauty
in heartbreak legacies that reflect back
beyond the sins of social history
wanting riches is a poor excuse for happiness
as greed becomes neurosis
mass production compounds the inevitable
a society of insecure needy consumers
fearful of not getting a good deal
always seeking the most credible experts
designed by corporate marketing
like America stood a chance
the baby of the world’s history
how could it know beyond its years
that its weapons of mass destruction
cost more than immediately quantifiable
costs on the world’s environment
soldiers dead are someone’s children

America the Brave you forgot this
you broke my heart you son of a bitch
with your fat lazy self-entitled complacency
discounted casualties of high interest rates
the law of god has become the law of man
you ought to be ashamed of this mess
and grow up
what happened to reason, our Lady of Liberty
I had an affair with your Freedom
and warmth has invaded my every want
you opened a door when no one else
let me in
I melted preconceptions with your diversity
let me stick to your walls like cheese between a McDonald’s bun
and a too small one-is-just-not-enough patty

dissatisfying when you substitute
the heat of universality connecting
worldwide with a fiction of it
it once meant something to “be American”
or did it
now the exceptionalism represents
the Idiocracy of the corrupt
flushed healthcare reforms
toilet to the grave
how could I be here

I am American

waking up from a nightmare
of self-indulgent excesses
reality TV, obesity, a few more wars, and perfect boobs
hungover and still drugged with basic desperate need
loneliness for simple acceptance
poor beyond not having credit
needing a smoke
barely being able to get through
each day
and the masses weren’t taught to cope
with practical priorities
so the iPhone is equal to or beyond food’s value
for those losing everything they own
from their health to their homes
convenience is the Master’s Hook