I am this drop dead sexy
lazy yet vibrant lascivious curl
the corner of a smile
love the little frivolous
details that turn my lock
with your key open
you’re in me so deep
this choking in my throat
you are the fine handler
of the lithest Mutha’
watch your mouth boy
talking to a giver of the Ultimate
cold when scorned
an instrument like this
needs a little warmth
unfolding is the mystery
of alchemy so precise
so light it barely touches
disappointments transform
into squeezed hands holding
I am inspired
by this childlike heart of laughter
like the first time I saw myself
through them there eyes
beautiful as the rise
that reflected
my flower facing the sun
I suddenly realized
how dark it had been all this time
and this wave of longing
flushed out of me
hissing and moaning
press against me
hold on tight when you
grind my rebellious
against your discipline
just letting go ain’t that easy
when you’ve been crushed
by your hopes grasping
claws down your back
mine, you say bitch
like it’s a bad thing
I’ll pin your ass to the floor
I own this baby
shut up and kiss me
I am not a tease
burned on deprivation
my sack swollen full
of venom and angst
fangs flash stinger rears
up through me a tiny button
gashes open the gushing
squirting released happiness
across your face
maybe I can do this
I’m pretty new to this
who knew
being on a platter
and surrendering right there
my heart against the wall
sushi on the raw
arms in the air
here I am to give up
then there is the glint
of wild untamed
that never ceases
so long as it remains
hooks of sadness caught
in a state of grace
alright I’ll make you a promise
if you do me I’ll be honest
I’m just playing
oh don’t be like that
man up and be the king
if you want to stand by me
step up and give me the long sigh
that follows and distills
from the sweating constraints
of our mistakes reclaimed
untie the threads like judgments
churn with me these ashes
that fill to the brim of existence
all that craves, experiences pain
I restate my position
on my knees before
the life worth living
exuding vibrantly
and you sustaining me
a pillar of giving
bowing to his goddess
inner union dissolving two
into three, into one
through the fourth
the fighting stops
the natural state is free
love is pure
like water is fluid