did you feel the kickback of the quiver between the bow and your fingers
when you pulled taut did you dream you were hunting
the sweetness of release down the length of a string
In moments I knew the shape of your smile from a glistening
memory we never lived
the serious laugh that detaches from your curious mind
and I know you
wanting to leave
wanting to struggle
wanting to breathe free
when none of this means being
or not being in the duality stuck
of needing you in me
trapped in a half solitude you resent
I know the disciplined beating the heart learns to take
one two one two in out it’s always the same
and all my demons dance to the space in between
your lips and words unspoken so I will remain invisible
until the tide is high and the moon shines down on the face of all our shadows
and we’ll look at us again and see the silhouettes of what could be dancing
this time with finesse assessing reality
with the sparkle of danger in your eyes that loves to laugh
wanting to reach for the moment that won’t end
and we lean into this simple intimacy
reminding me I just need the here
the now where we rest after the purity emerged
stillness is a pond of cool clear water
where i can return to at any time
past the sting or the thrill
the kill and the game
accept this end a symbolic death
the mind will whiplash and stir up confused yet again
as we make our way and carve out our play
let be what may have been
just now, it is like this