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it’s becoming long enough
I’ve begun to forget
what it was I wanted
to start with
I justify the pauses
with the way you never
really cared
all that much
beyond what you need
or what you can meet
because there is nothing more
than the truth of what you can do
and what you can’t

I’ve become the opening
creak in the door
looking out my cell bars
the warm sunlight filtering in
inspiring me to pick up
where we left
the broken bits
mashed up on the floor

the voices all around
are cheering or jeering
with their interest projected
soundtracking the movie
of their love and hate
for me they are slipping
in and out
like a dream

I’m taking a break
I’m going fishing
I found the best approach
to loving
is to catch and release
when I let go
I am free
and when I roll through the bends
my wheels travel alone
all I have before me
is the long road
hugging me intimately
I just keep following
trusting its length
like my oldest friend
and the constant goodbye
to the whos and hows
after they cruise by
sharing a time
and a place of intimate
you and me far reaching
our whole lives
we’ll remember always
but where do we fit
here and now
when I hear the low growl
of the rolling thunder
as lightning strikes
the inevitable change
of sudden ends
shifting everything around
the only place I have
to come home to
is now
no matter what is said
intentions stay honest
no forever teaches
the real lessons
fat lipped illusions
that taste of bruises
in your mouth
any way you bled
was meant for the best
and then there’s just the wind
slapping at your edges
in the emptiness
holding you loose
against your loss
in what you found