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you’re opening
the direct line
being and seeing
many shades of feelings
like nurturing
tenuous possibilities
of you and me
in all the ways
we could breathe
and when you rest
against my chest
it’s my heart
that beats against
your ears
and it’s your head
that sinks
into my softness
jaguar lips
curled in a smile
sinking into me
rhythms climaxing
the carnal primal
with the complexity
of this exchanging
battles for stories
on how we came
to the scars
then you hold me
with your eyes
sustain me with your gaze
that speaks a thousand
words and asks me
questioning curiously
que me estas diciendo
you know what
they say
about showing teeth
it can be just as menacing
as sweetly displaying
the hook of your bent
like pressure masterfully
applied precisely
commanding strength
coming to you
I am
the line erased
of someone who was
and she who’ll become
resting your secrets
on my chest
aching out the beating
of time unfulfilled
I see what can’t be
and what I most desire
by your side
in me
and it’s love
that cracks me open
and pours out the shell
of who I was
when I stood proud
and the swells sweep
me up and carry me
humbly bare
into your port
I enter you
and you part me
the taste of you
is still on my skin
and I can smell
how you’re with me
the hole
where we don’t look
too close
where we want
to close
the circle
on the conditions
so precise
to time the direction
across oceans
meanings span
the distance of skin
aching with separate
natures complementing
our successful misunderstanding
wanting always to blend
a little bit more
in xochitl, in cuicatl
the essence of perfection
is awakening
precisely when due
and not a moment sooner