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when i found you
i lost you
to the wild
in the fray
for a good while
i wept to pray
losing my religion
and all hope
that tied me
to your name
empowered the way
transformed beyond
what your eyes
could assume
unless they were wise enoigh
to see through
their own thick lenses
staring out
on the world
you rule

then you came
to me with eyes
full of love
like a wind
that gave again
and then takes
my demise
and throws it
to the deities
like flames
to ignorance
what are you holding
onto that prevents
from experiencing
just as it is
not as you think
it should be

love is an exercise
in letting go
all relationships
between objects
your expectations
are just notions
holding onto a small world
reality that you dictate
will flow
but it doesn’t
and you find its evidence
when you come up against
the barriers that hole up
your natural grace
when you claim you want to be free
which will it be
because it can’t be both
the endgame
is the practice every day
in this moment
of letting be
what is
just as it is
but not losing
the zest in your taste
that gives you the thrill
of how you touch my skin
and it awakens
every bit
of who you could be
never to forget
the essence
of why you’re aiming
for the awakening

let me flow into you
and your practice
of smiling deeply
with full authority
over your compassion
will flourish tenfold
maybe my face
isn’t the same
as perfect as what you thought
you’d need or maybe
you’re quite certain
of the box shaped
expectations your ego
yet we still hold the key
to open our infinity
but fixating on the trees
and losing sight of the forest
is tunnel vision
not spirituality
more conditionality

love is a shore
between your all
and mine
the water of life
erases what’s drawn
out in the sand
come and go
love me now
time is the greatest
you think you have
play with me now
you have to dare
to be free
if not for joy
pure and simple
what is it we share
beyond these walls
of self-made prisons