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turbulent churning wakes
the day from the night’s reflexes
dreams that ache like ghosts
imagination stirs the inner spikes
and doubts like thorns puncture through
the silhouette of her
beautiful smile
that cuts into my shadow
sinking I can grow stale
with what most grates
like tasting her fingerprints
on his body
it almost makes me crazy
whipping up the hornet’s nest
against the unfamiliar
tunnels burrowed
by the force of fusion
the training is discipline
the heart of my quest
staying present
in this moment
so I keep running
like water in open flow
exorcising my demons
to stay formless
less than obvious
unless you see
our resemblance
of inner needs
the things we said
the ways I bend
shapeless insecurities tied
like holy strings of garlic
warding off vampire
thoughts that leech
Joy from life
maintain a state of grace
in the spiral of breathing
practice that melds
the waves swell inside
and purged out of my skin
like sex
opens inner sight
when he calls me a romantic
with that cast in his eye
that intimates stories
unspoken beneath his touch
it’s like there’s more
to this
thrashing in the dark
I can almost feel
the whole filled
with the essence
alight with his kiss
then I’m on fire
words to the flames
knots arise
I’m not perfect
he says I’m as close
as it can get
then it’s not what he said
it’s what he meant
behind the compliment
in the lilted gentleness
Seen so nakedly
behind my jagged edges
the mountains he loves
to trace with his hands
his gaze regards the river
within me manifest
and all that went with her
she’s not gone yet
set down at the crossing
the ragged length
of my depths
whisper toxic blades
shaped to my fears
my strength waxes and wanes
flirting with what’s weak
two faces contradicting
richer than the complex
nonduality its secret
What is it you didn’t tell
was it really honest
so i blur out my vision
the force of my intuition
concentrate on the essence
attention off the finger
to see the moon
I’m his painting out of focus
processing the continual
his strokes bring me in
like a ship sailed
to safe crossing
I let the glory
of this being
empty my mind
filled with stillness
dancing with all my bulls
broken horns in my fists
swaying with them
drawing them into my hips
hypnotizing the stress
out with the sweat
beneath the seeming
I flow like water