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I lean into this
with my woundedness
and the reach of a witch
part of this pact
to understand
is in your hand
burying her hideous
into your chest
all my mediums useless
against your skin
un hechizo
healing with your flesh
I can be whole
my final stretch
a hopeless romantic
Sin remedio
going home alight with
a sigh without the suspense
Our ends beginning to be
revealing the bends
of the many
curves like miles
skin that’s known storms
thrust like my hips
in a bed of thorns
trust bucking in the face
of our dreaming countless
lives into awakening
here we are again
before civilization
in the jungle running
this time catching
all the smiles with
passion’s wave tuning in
I am la ogresa
you call mi princesa
my love is priceless
and you earn every bit of it
your strength in me reflects
like beauty looking back
scarred faces meet
shut up and kiss me
how we’re just
effortless yet
pure like bliss
after all these years
we missed
the few trains
I’m not sure when we became
like this
how we fit like a puzzle
missing its piece of mind
I just know that
now that it’s this
open wide falling
I’m amazed at how
Love feels like flying
and how much flying
feels like this
concentrated stillness
the nook of your neck
is where if I could
I’d end and finally come
home to the quiet
sense of truth
you hold me with
in between the fight
of needs and wants
the blade of your intellect
your beauty’s essence
slices through the imperfect
and your jagged profile
is the cut that splits
my earth and sky
my inner eye spies
the breathtaking ragged
raw response like orgasm
love in a bottle
I could spin
and get lost
but you are my compass
I find myself pointing
the way to awake
when you open me apart
with your fingers
splayed under your weight
cage unlocking
Walls falling
if I could rise
I’d be your kite
soaring high like birds
plastered above these words
in the fabric of our imaginations
My navaja carbon man
knight in honor humbly
burning through the eyes
of his fire goddess
as her darkness casts
off like an old snakeskin
with only the stars twinkling
like two kids laughing
secretely sharing dreams
your touch hypnotized
you in me
our mythology arises
to give meaning
in the honeymoon suite
choose now Who we will be
tomorrow in the street
Friends or ogres
choosing time over
unmasks our deepest fears
throwing our hands
into each other
a spell of vulnerability
unclothing insecurities
mouths open and shameless
hands up screaming
revealing rides
falling drops
It was a long time coming
like my heart was the moon
she waxes and wanes
but her love never stops
exposing tides
our hidden rocks
untying knots
lulling into us
our everything
that can become