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lovesick is like being stranded
on an island of nauseated
and wanting
running while knocked out
Calliope unbound
like patience in reverse
looking through the rear window
but feeling like you’re moving forward
and backing up in a straight line
stuck between free and terse
while waiting for the moment
where the joy and the crushing
do you love me
do you love me not
two directions always pulling
between what’s rational
and what’s just me
like you owe me
when I own nothing
and what is mine is yours
searching for the last little bits
of why I might have mattered
there just for a minute
or maybe it wasn’t that
because you probably didn’t notice
that I was just delicate
beneath the force of nature
i appear to be
after years of undressing intellectually
like my spiritual striptease
tiny fragments of clothing
come off a bit at a time
the full range of me
reveals quietly
did I really get under your skin
did I mean anything
i just wonder
if you missed me
once i found my ship
S.O.S. rescue
and the island stranded
was bare and silent