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you’re a home
she can’t come
back to
with the lights off
in too large windows
and the sad lonely
picket fence
with the kids who left
her now empty nest
your present’s living memory
her future in retrospect
she stares down the lengths
of her profile as if she’s met
another’s face looking back
she can barely recognize
the silhouetted lines etched
into features that look so mixed
she questions who she is
like her own impossible twin
surreal looking through the glass
mirror staring back askew
she’s taken you into her heart
and reshapes it like origami
through halls and mental spaces
all your thoughts wondering while
her eyes are wide nets
cast into the depths
of everything worth seeking
shows me love
like impressions left
by the hounds at her heels
imaginary at best
but heavy as a thousand days
locked up in a chest
baking in the dry desert sun
i lean forward into her
leaping waves
like verbal fractals
fragment images
that come together
as beautiful as her curves
thrown balls at the wall
she smiles knowing ways
so mysterious she sways
the most ferocious beasts
to give way
but she runs along fierce
walkways staring over cliffs
her sadness could just jump
off the side
but like her shadow lingering
like a scent of my every bent
she has a way of bearing into it
like an icebreaker ship
the splayed regard opens me
to look into my heart
just for a little bit
then i know I could starve
a day or a year
and never get used to it