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No break is coming
Just a lull in the waves
Just keep on breathing
There’ll be better days
And I’m not afraid
Beyond raining it’s pouring
I’ve been flooded years
Knocking on doors
Not yet opened
I’ll cut my own trail
Blaze the unbeaten
In what’s not yet shaped
For those who say
It can’t be done
Then don’t interrupt me
I’m honing my listening
For the good wood timbres
That will make riding
What’s coming my way
Smoother as I grow
More intense
Because my groove
Is rolling in deeper
The frequency of a beat
Snapping off your fingers
Moving along
For a minute there
You were in me
And it was deep
Like grabbing the edge
Of the bed
And gasping for air
While looking at me
Through all the layers
Masterfully done
With the right lighting
All my secrets undone
Although unrevealed
The way the key doesn’t need
To understand the lock
It just has to work
By lining up its teeth
To the mechanisms of defeat
Built into circumstantial complexity
Of the solution’s specificity
And then as it plugs in
All its feelings against a wall
One by one
Questioning them all
The jagged points
The sharp bents
The painful givings
Of delicate ends
And my Picasso strokes
Emotionally stressed
But finely expressed
In a rhythm that impresses
With the flow’s conscious
From now on I’ll be true
I promise
To all that is whole and good
Within me
Between you and this
Whatever it is
That makes me question
The feelgood vibes
You give me fever
When what’s ambiguous
Remains lurking
At the sides
In what’s unsaid
I don’t know
If I can handle it
The going in
The letting go
Inevitable drowning
It’s always a bit more
Than just surviving
Meeting the excess
Of this total mess
Trying to just swim
A bit better than I did
But wondering as I’m healing
If it’s ok to feel vulnerable
And want to reach
For what I can’t touch
The ineffable sublime
In between the lines
The “it’s too much”
Hard to handle stallions
Shaking up, walk it off
The imperfect suchness
Flawlessly pervading
The very humanity
Of politicking grief
Timestamping commercially
What can’t be free
To release to the masses
The highminded notions
Of sustainability
How be kind
To fellow oceans
With eyes filtering
The longevity of sadness
My secret point of gravity
The dense consistency
His sexy stubborn
My color is intense
Tasting like freedom
32 flavors and then some
The gamut of the spectrum
The hovering question
Like a sword of Damocles
Can I let myself be loved
While paying attention
To the natural imperfection
Of these very human screw ups
Your face my mirror
Our projected images
Of delicate inner stuff
The things that are not
Easy to feel
Unable to be tough
But honest enough
To burn off the crust
Of rough matter
Shaping away resistance
Grinding thoughts to dust
Come and gone
Transparency in the dusk
All the shadows adjust

Love rises and sets
Like life’s only sun
And my nature is heliocentric
And your smile my orbit
I could spin around
In the twilight
Of departing moments
Slipping beneath my skin
It’s as good as it gets
The struggle, the discipline
The lull in between sets
The beauty of appreciating
It all together
It couldn’t be sweet as it is
Without some grit