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what’s half mine is all yours
like this love and these words
my forms spin and swirl worlds
meanings and differences are just
in the eyes that behold me
you say I’m beautiful
in body and mind
but what I see is fierce and broken
my deepest truth is soft spoken
unconventional at best
a modern primitive I am
savage like a virgin forest
a goddess offering belonging
and yet weeping like grief
Give all victory to others
Take all defeat into me
red skinned fire shamans
transmuting impurity
with modern eyes
it all changes and yet
consistently stays the same
a mother searching for
her lost newborn
with the heart of a warrior
sacrifice holds power because
it’s when you let go
of what you most want
that you find out
what really matters
I know I have a heart now
because it’s swollen and open
throbbing like the cave around me
your wandering hearth my home
Even though we’re not close
the skies above remind of vast
infinite expanses of space
but my eyes so human only
gaze ignorantly upon the earth
what’s mine I can’t define
like a child who saw it
now she wants it
because because
desire is the mess
that compounds upon itself
like debt that never resolves
choice after choice
leads from bad to worse
awakening means sitting
responsibly with all the wrongs
I’ve committed
forgiveness is for gods
I’m at odds with being
Nyx in my skin
yet like darkness follows night
the shroud of my veil ensues
all the ways you tame the shrew
bound for life to a guiding light
that erases the shadows
of painful lies
my Erebus of mind
uncertainties are life’s
second chances
rarely granted
like this ring I wear
around my neck
I’m fortunate to practice
Ten virtues
Of mine body and speech
that always tells me
what’s yours
is all mine
love’s discovery
is the surprise in how
your deepest
and my darkest
light up like twin stars
laughing for a time
spent and then gone
penned into mythology
where do you begin
and where do I end
it never mattered
because we never were
so separate
were we?