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the wind whispered
and so I do
the full distance
from me to you
without a single move
my game of chess
on the planes of regret
seems senseless
once bitten twice spooked
easy to be ambivalent
like the lengths
of my diffidence
my barrel-chested
staring strength
going down
on the essence
the path of now
honored to be witness
to the tremendous
beauty that exudes
out of you
sipping insight
from the look in your eyes
with the time to digest
your sunshine
that feels warm
against my skin
wrapping around my limbs
like a storm of good feelings
coasting on the spin
of your smile
your bright and genuine
touchdown tornado centered still
but not hollow you slowly fill
the sophisticated thrill
of finding the sacred
without the deadly sin
I swallow worlds in
instants reveal fragments
no  matter how many
facets in me you think
you’ve seen
there’s more of us
barely touched yet
infinitely delicate
jeweled sparkling
my nature’s intricate
if only I could be
less timid or direct
beyond ambiguous
but this is tenuous at best
tomorrow I’ll have faded
into someone from your past
but just right now
while it lasts
Tell me again
How it is
that you like
to be touched