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hooks the shapes of words
spin the reels of reactions
revealing the key
of all our intentions
on the mind’s big screen
they open like worlds
and I see what you do to me
I observe and question
why I want to touch your skin
how I need to taste your essence
the stunning revelation
transformative potentials
dressed in obsessive passions
the sudden raw quality
ay papi
that biting my lip feeling
walking into my head
makes me retreat
waking up the beast
and the raging hungry
your broken door in front of me
sunlight behind my wild hair
casting a shadow
framed in disheveled smiling
super-heroine saying something
to the effect of
“your pants, they’re in the way”
how many times a day
I have to pull away
from all the barbed ways
the memory of your hands
around my waist
shivers down my spine
like a cool breeze
and you blazing inside me
awakening my deepest needs
driving me right into the motions
of wanting
disconcerting me close-mouthed
stalking my every notion
that knows well the warning label
“highly flammable – use with caution”
because you can push
all my power firing buttons
I’m so good at censoring
while eliciting such tenderness
you’ve always been dangerous
this way with hooks and baits
for pure goddesses with dirty faces
and maybe it’s just a crush
fully crossing my conscious
I’m not sure of the spell
you can cast on me
I don’t want to be caught
too hot to touch easy
I come freely or not at all
and when I do it’s a lot
I wouldn’t breathe
a word to reveal
how delicate I am beneath
so I ride the gentle safe
while eyeballing the fine print
contra-indications read
find out at your own risk
because while there are no guarantees
the ride never lasts beyond
the run of its course
and the falling is hard
but there’s always comfort
in knowing there’s an end
to any fire that ignites
when we’re friends
beyond of any of this
and I’m complex
beyond the sex
knowing how to mind
my own business
self-contained and responsible
a strong woman is vulnerable
and knows how to keep it simple
in the interest
of all of relationship’s politics
I don’t reveal my secrets
I’m best off the set
when I’m not performing
or better yet in the bed
where I can be yours truly
and I’m best walking
the line of all my desires
experienced on the level
deeper intensity expressed
sublimated turbulence
sexy in that intelligent
gawddamn kinda way
strung up and displayed
impersonal and artistic
even a little voyeuristic
subtly playing mystic
with energies always shifting
poeting in prose
with the ways i know
to bend and sway
adapting to the flow
of the interchange
inter-being and breathing
past the seeming
growing and learning daily
is how I remain
always your urban geisha