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I don’t want
to need anyone
the cost to belong
proportionally expensed
to being owned
like the bent of my sex
is the price of being alone
the feminine worn independent
but trapped never again
hell’s fury and all my scorn
singing the blues
but never too lonely
walking in these shoes
they love me dearly
even hold me through
the tough and the crazy
the glue of loyalty
friends for life
the heart of my tribe
I trust profoundly
staying real
for all the times
I felt myself die

stay focused

I never forget
I’m a lone wolf
beyond mere circumstance
attached to a deeper truth
a roaming penchant
for the inherent pragmatic
at odds with an inner romantic
roaring intimidation
through intelligence
for the meek-minded
layered like an onion
making myself simplistic
for the likes of them
who don’t deal well
with the complex

Tenacious D
she laughs at me
says my style is
balls to the wall
but neatly tucked
cuz bitch, I don’t run
but I might crawl
no matter how i fall
I meet it head on
no matter the ground
I stand it tall
always land on all fours
a little too proud
but not loud enough
for what I’ve overcome
with a talent for juggling
the strange kind of life
I’ve lived to date
and all that
has been thrown my way
like it’s amazing
I’m not more jaded
from all that bad taste
that left my mouth empty
and longing for more
than just words
it’s made me aggressive
but softly
questioning the
intrinsic distance
from me to you

let’s dance in step for a time
stride inside my embrace
I’ll cradle your head
warm you by my fire
come with me a while
but I move to grow
ultimately look ahead
the wind calls my name
with all that’s restless
the whisper of adventure
claims a love that came
way before you did
and it’s not likely
you’ll keep me
I can’t be kept
except as a friend
and then they don’t keep up
it all grows away
in the end
just Cash it off
when it’s been close enough
I’ll leave you too
no matter what I want
to say eventually
I can’t stay with eyes
wide open and be controlled
it makes my skin crawl
it makes me go cold
like death is sitting stillness
stagnating sameness
whoever wants forever
just wants safety
but to grasp all
that life has to give
you got to take the blows
and lose it all
it’s an impossible mission
to avoid the inevitable changing
the pain of life’s taking
but there’s no escaping
at the gran finale all time
heals to kill and I can’t pretend
this feels good or dress it up
it’s all I got
knuckles bared voice rough
loving with all my guts
honest and straight up
as I can be
even if pretty ugly
but if you don’t want it
I’m not interested
life is too short
for fear of the boogeyman
I can boil it all down
to something I read
Get serious
Get naked
Or get out
for the rest
relax and live it up
you are loved