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ocean spray pulls away
off the wave
the way your gaze
rolls off my naked
imperfect skin complete
with the force
of a hurricane
give and take
the heavy vanishing
with the laughter straddling
your beauty
my breasts against your chest
two islands back-dropping
with the sun setting between
what was I just thinking
then it doesn’t mean a thing
stepping off the ledge
of a high rise of possibility
of flying free
standing on the lip nervously
as if diving off the aerial view
were just within grasp
to tap into all the secrets
of being
revealing in a moment’s aha!
your hands don’t touch enough
as if you’ve learned to pull back
when you want to reach
as if reflex has taught us
to contract and compress
restraint an inner pattern
till you forgot how to release it
naturally and the restless
is surfacing beneath these
eyes and small needs make their weight
felt in the plea played
on a beautiful guitar
and this awkwardly insecure
trembling aching that rubs
at the armor chafing
blisters in need of relief
or company

I love the way you see the world
framing in seconds what would take
me days to convey in words
covering miles in instants
the meanings self-evident
and then I wish there was a way
to bridge easily
but I haven’t found it yet
locked in between my needs
and your sheets
with the emptiness at my back
the haunting of elusive
perfection making me seek
always for more substantial
like the way you hold me
or pin me down without seeming
to engage
when you want to say
what you wouldn’t dare
and I can’t hear it
because we’re layered
like a cake
sweet and delicious
like sugar cane
but the baking process
burns off the excess
and there it is
finding the uncomplicated
easy to touch you
so affectionately
in the midst of the passing
of this present slipping
we’re come and gone
in years you might not
even remember me
as anything more
than someone you knew
I might count you
as one of my significant
inspirations to create
beauty that moves the masses
or the chosen to elation
the way you release me
counting me among the stars
that the night has not
yet forgotten