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She’s got full smiling hips
Curved to the shape
Of your lips
Wandering sway
Wondering ways
Where do you go
When you feel cold
When the line cast
The call of your wild
And the bold go mild
At the last show
In the face
Drawn in the quiet
You don’t know what I’m saying
It doesn’t matter
In the play, okay
Because you can’t stop
The flow or curb the thoughts
That sink in deep
With the shifting
I think I’ll retreat
Once again
I need space
From the unease
That’s the crease
In between
A need and a dream
That might make you happy
If only it could be
The toxic hook of maybe
If onlys filling your mouth
If only I could put into words
The agony of the swings
The constant stripping
Away that just hurts
I might be able to stop feeling
Because it’s the source
Of so much stumbling
I like you enough
That I should leave
Danger Will Robinson
Proceed with extreme caution
So I’ll take this piece
And hunker within
The conditions
Of the tragicomic
And learn to live
With the vicious
Sinking stomach
In my throat sick
The closing that
Won’t let me breathe
Because I can’t take anymore
Of this isn’t what it seems
I close my eyes
And I still see
And time is taking
Everything from me