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Ritual passage tattooed
and the beheaded truths
the Maenads took you
my maiden blood on stones
the silence filled in
where night’s withdrawn
the sun rose
to greet the dawn

the Furies refuse to admit you
into my underworld
your sweetness softens them
luring entry into the closed
barred places I can’t let go
every time I swear I won’t come
back to you again
with your clear cut conditions
attached to making it up
to the surface
crossing the distance
built on silence
copy pasted into actions
to not look at me
to not outright deny

I gasp a small spasm that guesses
the worst possible ends
you push me so hard
I need to come
screaming that you can keep me
besides the lines
that complete us
Eurydice weeps

The burnt Hades’ landscapes
of sun scorched deserts
razed at the heart
of my volcano erupted
the touchdown tornado
separated by the chasm
of your indifference
spurn me to take the signs
that you no longer love me
maybe you never had

and I refuse to continue on
because death is better
than this emptiness
that carves me to pieces
so I take the guts
it takes to lay
myself bare
and write them up
when he acts
like he doesn’t care

if only I could ease the strain
of small needs I’d dare reach
but the call of my untamed
exudes out my skin
and this sexy needs to breathe
out of me
seeking outlets in the maze
my eyes can draw him in
and map the ways
I have to look away
before I give in
and re-focus my gaze
on my life
moving on looking in

I’m not subtle when my sight
sets on what I like
relaxed but pitbull tenacious
you’re dangerous
he says
hypnotizing intense
I breathe through his desire
and dive into the essence
where I most make sense

as I wrap his gaze
around my curves
command attention
with my every word
and undress
as if his hands
were etched in the lines
of my striped dress
like a restoration expert
my seductive temptress surfaces
spinning webs with purpose
to mend what’s broken
in the eyes
of beautiful men
like a Sibyl of orphic rites
I use this peculiar gift of sight

You are a strong acquired taste
he said
Hard to swallow all the way
like bitter medicine
until one gets used to it
Then you are a thing of beauty
I can’t be without
a companionate best friend
in an urban geisha’s skin
Compassionate beyond ends
the need you fill sets in
and the way you give heals
when you take nothing for yourself

But it’s not always easy
for a man to feel and know so
you’re a shaman of his recovery
reconditioning wings that need
flight and refitting what’s pent up
sometimes setting bones painfully
to grow them back correctly
paying the cost with your love
and then you set him free
and you walk away because
you hear his lonely
and feed it what it needs
for the good in his soul

You take his agony
within and become
his disowned
incarnate and
you swallow the poison
absorb and digest
distill into light
and purify what needs
then transmute his experience
of the feminine
then he only loves
how you hold him
so delicately
meeting his fragility
so simply

Undemanding but molding
what’s coarse into refining
passion and sex
your tools and the trade
going into the heart
of his very broken state
engaging his senses
with your wounded bent
siren’s hook with a healer’s hands
A natural lover and then
you relate to the pressures
of being perfect in every way
by living imperfectly tuning
harmoniously with circumstantial evidence
to the cacophony of happenstance

It makes you all the more beautiful
in an unassuming sense
that just says yes, I feel you baby
I’m the one who’s blessed
with how profound the exchange is
you only get out of it
what you put in
this chemistry, my alchemy
your beauty, my reflection
what you see is what you get
a matter of degrees
the heart of the connection
lies in recognition
answering the question
Can you see
seeing you?