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I stared curiously detached
Relieved for the first time
In what felt like ages
How my name didn’t lash back
Saturn’s passions inflamed
My ancient devil with a youthful face
Crushed with misdirection
He forgets his way
And there I am hanging
Noting with all the interest
An old man gives the kids playing
Observing but not engaging
Aware but not invested
Is where I’m most comfortable
In control of myself
While truly vulnerable
But when I first-person the stage
It’s like helplessly watching
Not even a distraction
Not a blip in the frame
The movie of my projections
Resistance to seduction
Is a form of attraction
It’s a losing battle
For me to engage
A happy person
Is unmoveable
And cannot be swayed
That I could scoop up
All the mistrust
In the scars from my battles
In the struggles between
This need and these cruel fears
Separating wants from love
That I could ease what feels
Like the death of all I cherish
But it’s not my place
And we can’t have what we want
Until we’re grateful for what
We’ve already got
Right here
As imperfect as it seems

What is it that overwhelms
The space that hesitates
Life’s mystery swells
It was break in the waves
How couldn’t I tell
The flow of the spell
Finally dissipating
The hold on me is letting go
I can breathe alone and whole

I just flow
Quiet and complete
Is another day
With a different name
If every moment here
Is a gift
Then I’ll just stay
With the Present
And all puns intended
What-ifs disappear
Emerging new dreams
The tides are shifting
And rising
From underneath
The other side
Without Eurydice
Is yet
The greatest opportunity
Time could give

Just flow
Harp on a hip
Strap on my back
It’s not exactly our
long goodbye
Time passing clocks out
The call for a new rise
Let it roll
To the end
Of the river’s edge
The furies mourned
The beheaded feminine
Ritual passage
On blood stained rocks
The silence filled in
Where night’s withdrawn
The sun rose
To greet the dawn