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I have to admit it’s true
The one thing about you
That tastes rough
And hard to swallow
Is your too American views
In all matters on the how to’s
of love and what to do about the truth
Materialism is built  into you
Unequivocal though unintentional
The transactional measurements
Of the psychosexual
Functional neurotic you
believe to be normal
Inextricable linked worth
To the cultural condition
That spans my value to you
And yet
I most adore the wordless
Unquantifiable impractical
Delicate awkward
That is naturally unpolished
Candid like a pic snapped
In an impulsive moment
Like cracks in between your finish
Shiny corrected and edited
Because I am your syncretist
Politically incorrect and fiercely defying
Inspired by the possibility
You’ll let yourself go for a minute
Homed in between denying
And acknowledging
Beyond the erected walls that confine
Within and without
The need to hide
In ambiguity conceal the bit
Behind my eyes where I love
You without reasons
Lurking unspoken treasons
And the fears of being totally
Exposed to each other’s frantic
Honed on the edges of lines
Of our dance stripped of the romantic
Imposed yet imaginary
Beyond the pitfalls of the bottomline
We breathe deep and unbind
So you prioritize me accordingly
To the worth I’m representing
All the while I’m sharpening
The jargon and code revealing
How to make weep the stones
With my rhyme and my prose
Touching my face on the pond
Reflected Narcissus smiling
And tears break the surface
As peaceful becomes choppy
Touching like suffering is always messy
Entanglements of consequence
So human and yet the center ingredient
That is the piece
You most want
That you can’t add up
Because being weak feels
Like dying but staying strong
Feels like lying in a way
You’ve come to believe
Your creature of extremes
Suffocating behind arid masks
Choking the creative dreams
But I see deep within thee
O Hero valiant and child poetic you reach
Out and elegantly reject me
To reiterate yourself
Avoid the display of your timid
Reify your mask of self
And cradle me from a distance
Even though it means nothing
In the big scope
I’m sniping snippets of insights
Shots at getting it
It rings like crystalline notes
That hold the essence
Of everything
Because you don’t agonize
For the taste of the sea
You take away from me
As its smell always returns to me
A he who paints me in desire’s
Garish colors and reads his wants casually
In drab normalcy
He feels I’m threatening
His blindness wounds me
But his sight cuts me
Invited in a sexy past tense
Edged with the future’s intense
Yet here I am steeling the present
And I thirst for the unconditioned
So I give uncondontionally
Ever balancing to adjust
The obvious unseen
With the hinted but felt beneath
My soliloquies with the dark
Play of contrast on my skin
The contract between kindred spirits
I tell myself instinctively
One day I’ll hold you close to me
Pivoted and balanced on the beam
Of your idiosyncrasy
We’re complicated but not impossibly
And when I can whisper to you softly
That I know you beyond these beats
Your innermost will reveal itself to me
Our worlds collide into fusing
Discovering restructuring
Through destructing, dissolving
And for the first time
I’ll breathe free
Intimately released