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You are the undigested lunch
That sits heavy in my gut
the big fat question mark
At the end of my reach
Beyond everything I can touch
The poetic bit in the midst
Of the ironic twist of fate
The asterisk that exempts
from every rule I made
No matter how far I bend
There is nothing left to break
I come right back to you
again and again
Without this pain that plagues
I couldn’t be this great
Big ball of trying so hard not to need
I watch that sloppy neurotic
Energy like a dumb loveable dog
Lapping up the trick of the treat
Every time Pavlov calls me
And still I can’t believe I’m seeing it
If I wasn’t living it
The happening
I barely would buy it but
There I go in every space
It bleeds in as if by coincidence or
Some great mystical conspiracy
Your defined edge is in my face
The profile of my inner shape
Is outlined with the grace
Of your tenderness for what remained
In unspoken completion left longing
Day after day
And I’m left speechless
At the magnificence
Of my strength because
We is a word as big as the world is small
But a Madness Eternal spells me
Into the skipping disk of being
How do we break free
From everything we wish to cease
I am the Magus spinning elementary
Principles of chaos and alchemy
With little spindles of poetry
The shifts of concepts
The size of myths
Like we is a world as big
As the word is small
If I could hold you and stand tall
Without heading for disaster
Carve the curve and ride the fall
My wand and my fire burn
Fearlessly simple
At the end of the stride
There is always the stop
Drink deep from the nectar
That’s always within the cup
What kills can also cure me
Homeopathic humility
I am Kronos spanning patiently
Eating my offspring beliefs
Revealing the weave of the she
Who stood sinister the shadow
Of everything he wished I could be
on the loom of my being
I sit very still and imagine
What I would feel if I could fathom
These grips of my vices freed