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I write you words like notes
Because I don’t know where else to go
I can always hear your song
Even in the underworld
Down the new or past the old
winding roads like internal verbal concertos
Of what was meant or what was told
Beyond the sense and convention
Your love of the volatile lyre I stole
Is a flow of grace in my sole
Feeling that stays so bold
Tastes like the wild elusive prey
Of my innermost quiet
Desire drawn with your face
I always come home alone
To lost meanings that seem to hone
In on what looks like a tell
A beacon I could elucidate
Or at least make out in the distance
if only I wasn’t illiterate
I could read your alphabet
You look as good as you smell
Chocolate pearls in your shell
From oceans of exotic depth
If only I could swim well
Outside of my pride’s swells
I could dive in with the best
Of those who hold your eye
If only you weren’t the prize
Or if I had less Amazon resistance
To being soft in your grasp
If I could gasp like freedom
I could put the matter of us
To rest
It never sounds as good out loud
As it does in my head
The playing sounds of love
Singing sparkles in the sun
Play tricks on sight
Just like delicate moonlight
Moves large masses definitely
With a shift of the tide
Moods like poetry wash in
And my Venus arises nude
Bathed in fire my insight
Inspired and you disappear
Again in the smoke like a ghost
That only comes to haunt me
When I’ve said I’m really done
This time
You laugh at me through his eyes
Taunt me from the basement
Of our unspoken fears
With hands that can’t touch me
On skin I can reach
His weight could even press on me
Lying for a tender moment
But I feel nothing
When I look at wanting
The complexity of another scent
Even Hades wept at knowing
You could sing my song and then
I notice it’s too late again
Forget the wine or the gin
It’s already night and this pen
Writes miles of lines
Just to say I’ve been
Somewhere away doing a thing
Pretending I can win
Anything to exorcise
Your shadow from a wall
Of what’s never been