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i get so sick of them
slave masters like the gods’ intellect
making themselves manifest

demons of my pride
I say they are mine
like i know the divide
between what frees and confines
I play with them like a child
conquering dragons inside
All the things I don’t really

I love them with fierce passion
a drug so addictive
I can’t get enough of it
yet I suffer from misdirection
pulled by the stallions of my notions
wild expectations just don’t tame
I’ve never been good with lovers
not knowing how to stay
ambiguous is my middle name

they’re desires unborn
before they’re shorn
by reality’s grindstone
quietly you’re torn
into a hundred fragments
it’s the sex appeal
of the pattern that codes
your y to my x your curiosity
down to the bones
the aha! that rode
you hard all the way home
the light comes on
in the intimate darkness
and your awareness caught
grabbing itself shameless
without its clothes on

I can’t do without them
if you ask me to choose
between you and them
I’m a lost wanderer
without purpose or clue
yet I long for freedom
from the lines of their prison
that bar me between the rhymes
so I map them gently
scrying the divine meaning
behind their seeming