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Much of life is
Near misses
And it’s not like
There’s a lot
Of second chances
So letting go
And sacrifices
Are real misses
In the end
Strike outs
Knowing this time
You just can’t see
The point of being
So damn wise
You’re just in
The trenches
Of living and bleeding
Strong deep feelings
But there’s no games
There’s no answers
Just the settling hold
Of the uncertainty
Creeping in totally
Moving in
While I was busy
He went right past me
Now white sprinkling
His beard and here
His eyes deeper
Than when they last
Looked at me
The face of the years
Is staring right at me
And regret pulls in near
And I can’t stand to be
So painfully clear
Closings are catching
Up to me
Snagging my skin
With wrinkled expressions
My freckled emotions
Always uneasy to fit
Neatly into something
Slippery rebellious passions
Punitive transgressions
I just won’t bow my head
To being put in a box
So I chafe at the edges
Of my epic mistakes
While wishing I could just
Be tame like the rest of them
But I just can’t seem
To behave the way
I’m expected and I love
And I break all the same
While trying not to hate
The very fear of shame
Or the conflict
That just haunts me
With his face
They tell me it goes away
They say a lot of things
But I’m skeptical
That anyone else can know
The shape of my intentions
I’m told to make a choice
And state what I want
Yet I still continue to fall
Flat in my face
I won’t even pretend that
That held any grace
Just in that moment
When I see her next to him
I just can’t even
Go there at all
Shifting out of place
Sync up my pace
It’s night and the road is long
And all the usual words are gone
With the comfort that’s lost
To all the qualities she stresses
I just don’t possess
I wish I could crawl away
And just disappear completely
If that could make it cut less
If only it didnt gut so deeply