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I flip the switch off these days
And quietly back away
Thinking that I cannot
Give but in three ways
The wealth of my being
My courage my path my body of fate
Hovering above my creative mind
The tiger’s caught by the tail
Her fire conquering fears state
Unaware his stripes will fade
To dots of memories the queen
Holds his grace
The Hierophant answers
Only what he wants
Turned knight with a dark face
His blue eyes haunt me
When I close my mine
My hands rise echoing
Those that balanced before
A core of teachings secretly
I’m turning lioness fiercely
Bright as the sun is hot
Transforming fearless
He burns because I forgot
How to touch what feels
My heart is still in shock
So tired it can’t sleep
He brings me to a halt
Drops me to my knees
Like a complicated box
Neatly shut without a key
I’m seamlessly locked
My barest beliefs
Without opening
Caught in a storm of loss
Perfect grief blinding
The progressed grand cross
A composite split of he in me
Figures I pointedly ignore
The lines of villains gone hero
All the nitty gritty in between
Leaves me wanting and sore
Sometimes embracing spiritually
Means strategically letting go
Walking away when I want to reach
Even though my love beats
A syllabic rhythm I can’t stop
It threatens to suffocate me
I can barely breathe
And I’m holding on
Because I can’t see
Grasping at straws
The wave still ahead of me
but I dream into being
A present state I can mold
He resuscitates me when I choke
On what I most fear
Like his daimon angel flow
He runs right through me
Coursing truth in my soul
And I know anywhere he points me
I can go on my wings alone
Picking up speed he is in me
Integrating whole
Discovering release
One day he’ll see more
Than I have ever told
Till then sands slipping beyond me
I stand on time’s glass filling
Juggling the worlds of words
Spinning the delicate states
Webs of passage safe guide
The path inside the wars
Evoking the waking avatars
Who taught through Prime
A single flame alone
Dispels alone eons
Of darkness instantly
All obscured meanings
Are inevitably exposed
When seeking ceases
Stillness reveals
What is neither born nor dies