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A new beginning
The old year is peeling
like a snake shedding
off my skin in pieces
snapshots of me
the disconcerting
the alluring
the discomforted being
shaky awkward feelings
betrayals that shift uneasy
beneath the sinking pit
creeping within the weak
part of my belly
the question’s doubting
will I be able to breathe
past what’s passed
and if I don’t keep moving
will I cease to be
the fear of falling
and failing beyond
what you believed
could be possible

and yet to let love in
you gotta break free
from the broken self
then you can see
the rhythm
the life flowing
in a seemingly
endless Present
it takes a while
to get the feel
for leaning
into what’s scary
countless tiny steps
walking mountains
days of feeling
from every direction
staying with it
the art of not avoiding
the desperate needing
the contented being
and remembering
without despairing
with an open heart
that this is in fact
as good as it gets
and it isn’t a trap
it’s the rut that blinds
you aren’t stuck
just trudging in mud
looking without seeing
the full potential given
is giving
curing without healing
miraculously resurrecting
understanding how it goes
is the flow
and the heartbeat
of being free