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he thinks he knows
the reasons I chose
to let it go

the center of his world
nothing else
more important grows
than his core
he must protect
at all costs

but who owns what
and what does it matter
when he’s staring into
the lone living room
of a life that’s closed
so many out
to keep the delicate
untouched and unshared
lost in contempt
he lost his connection
broke his trust
and dulled his touch
yet still seeks redemption
a battle with ghosts
reacting to what’s in his head

speaking indirectly
or in jest
i have no interest
in his tests
so i let him think
whatever he wants
to project into me
clearly there’s no telling
who can’t see
to begin with
love or hate
it’s all life equally
all that changes
is ideas
of same or different
the pace in between
is only
a matter of degrees

truth is not what’s said
but what’s heard
in the end
it’s not what he’s looking at
it’s only what he sees
that makes or breaks
the cataclysmic states
and the pain that encloses
the encasing
of his understanding
remains inevitable
and out of control

but I am a leaf tumbling
from the tree
without investing
reasons and notions
reacting to the wind

and yet he thinks he knows
why I chose to let it go