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the silence of fallout
quietly rings back hollow
like listening to the wind blow
through you
after the battle raged past
now you’re watching the grass grow
where the soil was razed
with questions splayed
apart like wounds salted
who was this stranger
that raped your escape
with whys and hows
thorns sticking your heart
trickling out the doubts
what’s corrupt and impure
bleeds out purging
the truth glaring
what doesn’t rend you apart
only annihilates
the surface of the play
the burning of the stage
after the actors fall down
what doesn’t kill you
renders stronger
the dawn of a new day
learning to appreciate
what life gave
means cutting the past away
and not clutching to the last
by thinking too hard
about what you can’t change
just close your eyes
but stay awake
and live your life
like you can take it back
face the facts
return to your natural state
and your love is whole
tenfold for those who called
and said you could
or could not do it alone
for those who wronged
and stripped down
the essence of your illusions
your private screen projections
it is how it is
and how it is
is how you created it
with your own two hands