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get on your knees
and worship this
mastery of the four
parts of being

the haze of wanting
a curtain’s filter
across your vision
thick in your throat
trembling anticipation
overcoming inhibitions
like the first time
you opened intimately
your senses stroking
against flesh
and then the lines
complex to navigate
the confusion
of your projections
of what is real

my test
conquering what’s left
embracing the knot of fear
afraid of what’s hurting
the discipline of looking
relaxing into what tenses
liberates the mind

it took me such a long time
but now i want you to teach me
how to open to your taking
the hole in me tightly closed
to be open and gaping
transcending boundaries
into the bold power of giving

fierce is my middle name
but softly
like the curves of my body
dramatic and seductive
i am the iron fist
in the velvet glove
unsheathed and revealed
desires and urges
needs for years ignored
suffocating behind
unacknowledged denying
view points melting
as I’m budding through forms
now entering my prime
womanhood is a massive
task to harness
i am the magus
i see the constructs
of my wrongs and rights
created and believed
I draw the hard line
to stay open and fearless
I’m taking mine
in your raw intake of a gasp
intimately reading the vulnerability
of your inner feelings
while I hold you down
biting down my bit of sexy
transgressions swallowed
riding the razor-edged delicious
i am the goddess hallowed
on the thin line
between pain and pleasure
Fear and Death
Eros and Thanatos meeting
balancing the four elements
once again
the spectrum embodied
fully human
sacred and profane
from pure to perverse
now turn over
penetrate this essence
what I don’t know
you will teach me
with your difference
in what I reject
I’ll find
my hidden face
a shadowed embrace
realizing intrinsic brilliance
obscured by the illusions
of inner superstitions

I test my net against
the face of my rebellions
peace found through turmoil
is precious
especially when found by you
from marrying within
realizing the core of truth
what is emotional
what is intellectual
what is spiritual
what is physical
and then unifying the four
from the pure to the gross
the Alchemy of being
beyond words
beyond forms
beyond limitations
becoming whole
is the axiom