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through the tears
and the deep breaths
the way I long for you
is fierce and free
like horses galloping
across lost prairies
and waves breaking
quietly ordinary
over the rocks
of my wildest
and mildest expectations
echoes of feet stomping
the land of my earth
where those so self-important
are now just memories
continuing through the living
children consequences
of choices past
the mirror of you
that stares at me
once again in silence
pure rising
who is it
that looks through me
this identity
that thinks itself
into being
the answer still eludes
the desiring question
grasping for touch
wanton with wanting
to know
to show
to run
like my pride
glowing and sunny
more often frustrating
yet all along
in the end
the waiting builds
for some thought
of achieving then
distant from
the now in between
all the best highlights
of my life
the drum beats a thumping
habitual need
bringing back to me
where else is there to be
but caught in what’s tender
and broken
this is living
what’s more
is always found
in what’s less
who else is best
to judge the fullest
gauge of my intentions
but the expert
of my tensions
the inner physician
residing within me
laughing through the tears
a quest like tragedy
that’s comic like irony
in my grandest
the great debacle of being
my emotions reeling
a spinning story
I’m peeling back
the layers of truth
your beautiful face
looking back at me
in dreams